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Customer Reviews:

Jackie writes:


You and your crew should book this for sure!! Great time and great hosts!

John writes:

Had a great time, Steve was an amazing driver, took us to some awesome spots and was an awesome dude to chat with. Solid music and even a little bit of excitement on the ride [😉] [👌🏽] . definitely would do it again.

Karen (yes Karen) writes:

5star Totally awesome. Fun people and a great ride. Can't wait to ride some more. :-)

Duane writes:

5star Went on a tour in the "Brewquay Prowler". We visited all the local breweries and had a great time. I would def take this tour if you haven't already. We spent a good deal of time at each brewery. Not knowing any of the brews at each location the guys were very knowledgeable in the differences between the brews they offered. A+++++. Thanks Guys. Will be taking another tour very soon. It was the perfect night out.

Erin writes:

Such a fun time! Had Brewquay pick us up for a ladies night on the town. Donnie had great recommendations for stops on the way. Will definitely do this again!

Groups of 5 to 7 people welcome per tour. Wednesday thru Sunday.

Wed.- Fri. 7-10pm Sat 3-6pm and 7-10pm, Sun 3-6pm

We start the tour at the brewery of your choosing, keeping in mind that this will likely be your final stop as well. 

Tours are 2 hours and 59 minutes, to avoid any affiliation with the SS Minnow.
Cost is $35.00 per rider. Minimum requirement of 5 passengers. 

Potential stops include (but are not limited to):
Aviator Taproom

Fainting Goat

Cellar 55

Mason Jar Lager Company &/or Restaurant

The Mill
Brick House
Aviator Brewery
The Corner Biergarten

​Revelry Barber and Shave Shop


Vicious Fishes, Angier, Apex & Fuquay

Wingin' It

Carolina Brewing Co. 

Oaklyn Springs

Tapline Growler

Niche Wine Lounge


Elevated Grains

Abbey Road Fuquay

​Belleauwood Brewing, Lillington

Cleveland Draft House

Lost Paddle Tavern

Inner Beast Hatchet House

Bojangles Fuquay

Inclement weather will result in cancellation / rescheduling of the tour (unless you want to get soaking wet).
Also, the prowler, if you have not already seen it, is an open air, 7 passenger rail buggy. Getting in and out of the buggy takes some athleticism, finesse, and common sense. If you lack these skills, call uber.
We look forward to yelling, laughing, and showing you a FUQIN' awesome time...!!!!

​Please contact us if you are interested in booking a tour. ​​